Franklin Schurz Chairman Emeritus Schurz Communications

Franklin SchurzFranklin Schurz became involved in his career as it was joining the family business. He became involved in his profession because of family influence as he was exposed as a young man seeing it, observing his father, his great uncle, and others. As a young man, the profession looked like a pretty good path to be on and so he stayed the course in the communications and publishing industry. Since 2007, he has been the chairman emeritus of Shurz Communications, Inc. He was the longstanding president of the company, taking on the role in 1982. He also has experience in working as the treasurer for the business. Prior to his involvement with Schurz Communications, Mr. Schurz gained experience in the field with the South Bend Tribune, inhabiting multiple roles such as president, secretary, director and associate publisher during his tenure. Before the South Bend Tribune, he was the editor and publisher of the Morning Herald and Daily Mail, the president of WDBJ Television, Inc. and had worked at WAGT Television, Inc., KY3, Inc. and WASK, Inc.

Knowing the value of a good education, Mr. Schurz earned an AB from Harvard University in 1952 and an MBA in 1956. Committed to his academic pursuits, he was involved with the Advanced Management Program at Harvard University in 1984. He also received an Honorary LHD from Indiana University in 2015. On top of these endeavors, Mr. Schurz was a dedicated serviceman, going from Second Lieutenant to Captain within the US Army Reserves Artillery from 1952 to 1962.

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